About GoForOpen

GoForOpen open source imageGoForOpen offers high quality Application Appliance servers to the marketplace using Open Source software. This approach allows us to offer access to world-class products for small and medium size businesses that were previously only available via proprietary (expensive) products to large companies with dedicated IT departments.

Our approach offers a key benefit to our customers - ease of installation, configuration, and use. Our hardware is tested and validated to operate correctly with the target applications. The operating system and application software are pre-installed, and to the extent possible also pre-configured, practically reducing the installation effort to physical cabling and site specific configuration requirements. Simplified installation and configuration lead to scenarios where fewer IT skills are required to implement the solution. (We know they work well because we use these same systems ourselves!)

Even a small donation can go a long way to support for these deserving open source projects. GoForOpen donates a portion of its profit to support each of the great open projects that we use in our products.