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GoForOpen PBX

The GoForOpen PBX Series products are high quality IP Telephony appliances with all the basic features and some advanced features only found in large scale phone/communication systems, but without the additional cost.  The GoForOpen PBX Series products were designed to be highly reliable, flexible and easy to use for cost conscious small to medium sized businesses.  Take advantage of all the big business features to impress your customers.  Reduce your communications costs with VoIP.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and auto-attendant - Ensure all calls are answered 24/7 with the highly flexible IVR and auto-attendant even if no one is free to answer the call.
  • Voicemail - Configure a voicemail box for every extension without the additional fees.
  • Link extensions to any phone anywhere - Route calls to an extension to a cell phone, another office extension, a home phone or anywhere else to never miss a call when away from the desk.
  • Support multiple locations with trunks - Connect all your office locations together with a VoIP trunk to save on long distance charges.
  • Web-based configuration - Leverage all the features with the easy to use web-interface. 
  • Conference bridge - More than a 3-way conference call, connect multiple participants to a virtual conference room with a professional IVR to handle in-coming calls from participants.  Save on the costs of a conference call service with this free built-in feature.
  • Ring groups and hunt groups - Set up ring and hunt groups so that customers can reach your staff in the shortest amount of time.
  • Totally silent fanless chassis
  • Power consumption < 10 W



  • Take full advantages of Elastix 4.0, an open source IP Telephony software
  • Calls
    • Conference center with virtual rooms
    • Voicemail/ Voicemail-to-Email functionality
    • Support for ring groups, hunt groups, follow-me, paging and intercom, call parking
    • Call recording
    • Multiple trunk support
    • Call detail record (CDR) report/ Billing and consumption report/ Channel usage reports
  • Fax
    • Fax to email
    • Fax through Web Interface
  • Instant Messaging
    • Openfire instant messaging server
    • Web based management for IM server
    • IM groups support
  • Email
    • Mail server with multi-domain support
    • Web based management/ Web based email client
    • Antispam support
    • Support for mail relay
    • Remote SMTP Module

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